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bambooshooter 08-12-2011 05:54 PM

Newbie here...Should I buy?
Hello all, I have been contemplating purchasing a Wrangler for sometime. A few years back, I bought a 2010 Patriot after months of research. A few of the reasons I chose the Patriot were price+capability+economy. At the time we were expecting a baby so we got rid of the sporty coupe and wanted an SUV or sedan and wanted AWD or 4x4. At the time the Patriot was a great choice. After a few trips with child and dog and wife(in that order:p) in tow, it really lacks power I want and space I need. We are a 1 car family because, well, we live in Chicago, we have public transit and I actually bike to work. My Patriot has less than 10k miles on it since 11/2009.

Now, sorry long story, I see the 2012 Wrangler has some improvements in the drive train dept. I am wanting to buy an unlimited. Still gotta get rid of my Pat for a price that will give me money to pay the loan back and get some back for a down payment:rofl: yeah right. A slim possibility, but I am gonna give it shot.

I haven't lurked much around here but I imagine there are a few people with 2012s. Can anyone comment on the difference between the 3.8 and the new pentastar v6? I will be going with a manual trans. I have heard/read it's a new gearbox. Can anyone verify this? Comments on the standard gerabox of the 2007-11 vs the 2012? And finally, prices seem scary on the 2012s right now, Does anyone think I can get out the door on a wrangler unlimited sport with manual trans for no more than $25,000?

Thanks in advance to any help.

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