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pharmacist25 02-09-2006 09:14 PM

Cracked exhaust manifold
I have confirmed my worst fear tonight, a cracked exhaust manifold. The bad part is I have a 2000 TJ, the year they were supposed to have fixed the problem. Anyway, I want to do it myself. Never done anything liek it before and looking for advice. Don't want anything fancy. Should I lookfor a 2000 replacement since they are supposed to be OK? The cracks look pretty big to me, don't know about welding. I'll try to post pics. ANy help is greatly appreciated

khenderson 02-09-2006 10:08 PM

i'd say replace it with the newer crack resistant ones since they have fixed the problem. i know jerry has gone through a bunch before getting it replaced with the new one, and hasn't had a problem since. and it's something you can do yourself with a little time and some standard tools.

jeepmutt 02-09-2006 10:16 PM

They all crack, even the new improved version. Forget welding it. Buy headers. Have a 6 cyl, right? Hedman plain black are cheap, reliable and may net a hp or two gain. If you have basic tools you can do the install. A creeper to get under the Jeep is nice b/c you will have to get to a couple of the bolts from below and a creeper is like working while laying on your couch. I wasn't stoked about the cardboard gasket provided by Hedman, so you may want to find a better gasket on your own.

pharmacist25 02-09-2006 10:52 PM

No only have the 2.5L. ANyone have the $100 range replacement? How do they do?

Bodawgone 02-10-2006 04:53 AM

I used this company for my replacement on my 98 4.0. Received in 2 days, lifetime replacement warranty, and all the parts you need for the install. Looks like $89.00 shipped for your application.
I replaced mine in about 2.5 hrs, fairly easy, just take your time.
Good luck!

pharmacist25 02-10-2006 09:11 AM

ANyone know where I can find a manifold for the 2.5 L engine that has the expandable joints? I can't find it anywhere. Only for the 4.0

jeepmutt 02-11-2006 05:25 PM

Banks TorqueTube manifold doesn't have expandable joints, but it does claim a lifetime warranty and is now available for the 4 cyl. Another option may be the Pacesetter Armorcoat Header.

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