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skrappi 08-21-2007 03:49 PM

Wierd electrical issue
I'll try to make this short and present the facts as best as possible.

74 CJ5 / 232. New wiring harness. Everything works. New volt regulator. New alternator. Few months back the wire on the Alternator came loose and battery ran dead. Charged battery and reconnected the wires. Showing 12.3 at the battery and 13.95 pushed from the alternator. Everything ok, right? For about two days only. Drove it short distance then wouldn't start. no power to anything, even lights. Monkeyed with the contacts at the 50AMP but everything seemed ok. Starter solenoid would click then lights and everything dead. Fiddle with the contacts again and then after about 15 minutes of this it fired up. Replaced the starter solenoid and battery. Ran great for two days then started doing the same thing. Solenoid will click when engaged but then everything dies. But again, after messing wiht teh 50 AMP contacts it will eventually let the lights come back and after about 15 minutes of clicking the key and then having to fiddle with the 50 amp again, it will start. W.T.H is happening? It was running perfect for a year after the wiring harness and all the new parts.

Thanks! :zap:

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