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99wranglertj 08-15-2011 03:08 AM

Heater Core Problems
Know what my problem is. I have a blown heater core. I know what my temporary fix is. I'm going to bypass the heater core to get me through a week or so until I have time to fix it right. My new problem then is changing the heater core. I found one for $64.99 minus my employee discount so that's not the issue. I have a Haines manual to help in changing the core out. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any tips in making this a heck of a lot easier. Do I really need to take the dash out? Sounds like this is gonna be one "fun" job. Never replaced a heater core before but know how it's done on other vehicles. Never heard of having to remove the steering column before.

robbiecc 08-15-2011 06:40 AM

done a few over the yrs(assorted vehicles) and only rem 1 that wasn't a PITA. Don't know what's all involved with a jeep but hope your haynes is more useful than mine was. know it won't do ya much good now, but recommend you go to ebay and find a FSM(field service manual) for your yr of jeep. Have seen em as d/l's for like $3(pdf format)and you may get one here free. got 1 of those myself and helped immediatly for my problem but also ended up getting the printed version. keep an eye out as the prices are all over the place-got mine for $40 with an additional dianostic manual.
good luck with it.

Old Grunt 08-15-2011 07:47 AM

Before you do anything, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY !!!! In order to get at the core you need to remove the dash. That includes the airbags. You remove the wrong bolt or wire, with the battery still powering anything, and that bag's gonna come ouuta the passenger dash like a train. Disconnecting the battery disables the power to the sensor's and renders the bag safe to remove as part of the dash.

99wranglertj 08-17-2011 09:13 PM

I guess what really need to know is whether or not it is easier to remover the dash as one whole unit, or piece by piece? Or can I get away with just removing the glove box, knee bolster, and whole center column? Any advice that differs from the difficulty of the shop manual would be great. I'd like to have options. I've torn the pieces of the dash apart b4. Like the gauge cluster, I've installed a new radio in it twice now, and I've changed the steering wheel. That's about as far as I've gone so far. So I know how that stuff come out pretty well. It's the rest of it that's gotme a little worried. I'm confident this is within my grasp, and I know it's gonna be a whole day project. But anything that would help make this go a little quicker is apprieciated.

Uranus 08-18-2011 01:30 AM

I did my heater core 6 months ago, it wasn't all that bad. There are a few good write ups you can find online.

TJ Heater Core Replacement - 1

The only real problem was trying to take apart the ac lines, the write up was not to clear on that, you need a special tool that costs about 4 bucks lol. Yes you do need to take the whole dash out and it only comes out as one piece. Make sure you disconnect the battery and open the doors all the way (take off door straps) to make it easier to take out, and get a second person to help you lift the dash out, with two airbags it was a bit awkward doing it my self.

Take a bunch of pictures so you can remember how it all goes back. You will need to discharge your ac system at a shop as per state laws, then recharge it when you are done. (do not run your ac until it has been recharged). I'll keep an eye on this thread since my mom was born in Dover :)

99wranglertj 09-09-2011 01:15 AM

I actually don't have ac in my rig. I have also replaced my heater core. I just followed the shop manual as closely as I could and I did take pics of the the parts I hadn't tore into before. It took me from 9 am to after midnight but it's done. I still have it bypassed for the time being. Once I get paid again I'll buy the new hoses and coolant and finish the job.

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