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jaguar1688 08-16-2011 12:30 AM

4.0 YJ project.
Hello everyone, tackling this 92 YJ I picked up for 800$. 4.0 with 115k on it, 5spd. so far a lot of rust cut out, welding in new rocker panels and front floor pans lol learning as I go, but a success (its been garaged by the last owner for 5 years).
*Had a question on anyone familiar with the 4.0, It runs and Idle's well at low RPM, however when you let it run for a while and try to give it throttle, even close to WOT it only revs to 3...3500 RPMS. It sounds strong and does not backfire or sputter but wont wind up. I have replaced plugs which were carbon fouled, and wires along with alternator. the exhaust smoke is very light blue to faint black with rev, nothing too noticeable close to normal looking, it does smell "gassy" though. Slight click under valve cover around cylinder one after about 10 mins of running, not extreme tho.. It has the original fuel injectors which looked like they had issues (from research). I also have a little gas hint in the oil, I'm thinking a few injectors are stuck open (not responding to increased throttle at a point) but would'nt I notice in the idle? maybe the flooding is causing some fuel to dump down the cylinder into the oil, thus thinning it and giving me a little blue and black smoke? ANy advice would help, thinking about picking up injectors but wanted some 2 c 1st.. thank you

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