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JeepCrawler98 02-10-2006 12:56 PM

Never trust a radiator hose from Kragen/Checkers/Advance
Or any from CSK auto chains for that matter.

I had the unfortunate event of having one rupture on me yesterday. The hose itself was only a few months old - and as you know they should last years. As I was walking into the nearest autozone to get a new hose I realized just what the problem was; the Goodyear hose I got handed by the parts monkey was about 10x heavier than the cheapy noname unlabeled hose that the local Checkers gave me months ago. The rubber itself was thicker, heavier, denser, and all in all just felt more like good solid rubber. The fit itself was also much more precise.

Upon closer inspection of the burst hose - I found the rip to be nowhere near any sharp point such as hose clamps; the rubber just started to bulge out in one spot and finally gave way, just a plain material failure. The whole thing must've happened over a few days because there were no signs of any visible wear as I was installing my heater just this Saturday.

SO! Just a tip - spend the extra 3 bucks and get a good hose :)

If something like this happened to me on the trail I'd be screwed as no ductape could've patched that leak.

1BLKJP 02-10-2006 03:34 PM

Checker sucks big time. They either don't have the part you need or it is korean made junk. I refuse to buy anything from them eventhough they are right by my house. I like Napa for all my auto parts purchases.

JoshX 02-10-2006 07:55 PM

if you are looking for a HIGH quality durable radiator hose check out Samco. You may have heard of them. They don't make a direct application for Jeeps but you can piece a setup together from their race pieces.

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