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Double G 08-24-2007 09:25 AM

All from a trip on the Rubicon!
New to this site, it all started with a trip on the Rubicon trail, a speaker at the event was informing us to look at another web site for trail updates and closures, one thing lead to another, a local trail and a link to the MY Jeep Rocks forum. Went wheelin' with them the 1st Saturday after getting to their site. I met some nice folks and one you may all know - TINY TERROR (judging from her # of posts) sent me here!

I have had some kind of 4x4 since I was able to drive, now I have an 04 LJ. A few modes, CB, lift, big tires, the usuall stuff needed to run the trails here in Southern California. Always wanting to go wheelin' so if you want company, drop me a line!

tiny terror 08-24-2007 01:18 PM

Hey hey hey now, don't be blaming me. :D

And Double G, you're so modest about your green machine. It's some fancy junk. I think my jeep cried a little that night after sitting next to it on the trail :D

Tj Bunch 08-24-2007 01:35 PM

Yea but Tiny you did some awsome stuff in 4H....You make all of us proud......well atleast me.

Scout 08-24-2007 01:37 PM

I didn't know there were other Jeep forums out there?!?! :confused:

J/K - Welcome to the forum. :D

tiny terror 08-24-2007 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Tj Bunch (Post 126348)
Yea but Tiny you did some awsome stuff in 4H....You make all of us proud......well atleast me.

Double G was behind me snickering to himself and I think his jeep was laughing too.... :D

Double G 08-24-2007 06:17 PM

Aw, Tiny come on now, I was proud of your little TJ! I think mine wants yours to grow up in it's likeness! I can also say I think TT did Gold Mountain in 4hi also!

tiny terror 08-24-2007 06:33 PM

Yeah, I did. Shhhhhhh. I'm a wheeling idiot. :D

debruins 08-24-2007 06:38 PM

nice jeep!
WElcome to WF

Texapple 08-24-2007 06:55 PM

welcome to WF

bluvikng 08-25-2007 12:28 AM

Welcome, Double G. Hope you enjoy this site.

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