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Grcjeep 08-22-2011 09:25 AM

Death Wobble
I have an 08 JK 4 door, it has 31s and I just put a 4" lift on it. I had an alignment done and it began to shake at 50 mph. I took it in to have the wheels balanced, I hit 70 mph and it shook SO hard I almost lost control. I took it back and they said they would check it out again. I got it back and it still shakes like crazy!! I've read alot of posts on this and it's happened to a ton of people? Any suggestions??

sickboy433 08-23-2011 02:22 PM

I put a 2.5 lift on mine w/ 31's and did the very same. This is what I have done and learned.

Do not rotate your tires!!!!

Check all your bushing for wear track bar, steering stabilizer etc. Replace if needed.

Tighten ALL bolts on the steering and track bar components. Some people will say to torque but I just got up on em, but either way.

Re-grease all your ball joints.

Play with tire pressure, to much or to little in conjunction with other symptoms with come in to play. I run 31's psi Max is 44 so I'll go 4-5 lbs lower.

This is obviously after you do the alignment and balance.

These are the step I took to rid the DW but remember It could be a combination of things so It will be hard to isolate that's why there's a grocery list. I also repeat these steps after I've gone out three or four times OR if I feel a "shimmy".

REMEMBER these are steps I've taken that has worked for me and the info I have obtained was from the good people of WF and my local off road shops.
Good luck my friend!

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