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jfbilbro 08-22-2011 11:06 AM

Proud Owner
I'm the proud owner, for the last 2 months, of a Jeep YJ:dance:.........If anybody has any questions or comments, please send them to me in c/o of The Poor House...looks like that's where i'll be residing:nonono:

RLaFitte 08-22-2011 05:03 PM

LOL I reside there too, my friend! Welcome to the addiction!

4x4mike 08-22-2011 05:11 PM

I'm a permanent resident there, it's also a dual residence, poor house/dog house!!

jfbilbro 08-22-2011 05:23 PM

RLafitte...thanks?????..(.i think)
4x4Mike.....single here (can't find nobody sorry enough to have me) i won't be visiting the doghouse side of this palatial po' house....

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