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hardy1531 02-11-2006 05:41 PM

I love to play in the mud. The problem is I can't seem to clean the engine bay the way I like. I would like to be able to get it to look like new. Any Suggestions?

khenderson 02-11-2006 05:50 PM

cover your vital electrical connections.....simple green the crap out of it.....spray it off. might be good as new, but that'll clean it up real nice.

hardy1531 02-11-2006 07:58 PM

tried that with little to no luck. has anyone used a steam cleaner? or any other cleaning agent?

JeepCrawler98 02-11-2006 08:53 PM

Steam cleaning works good - but stay away from electrical connectors as it'll force moisture in even the weather proof connectors.

Biggest tip - STAY OUT OF MUD :flipoff: Really your car will thank you for it not just in staying clean :)

hardy1531 02-11-2006 10:24 PM

you are probally right but it's soooo much fun!!! I love the look on my wifes face when we hit a nice mud hole! it's priceless

85fiero 02-12-2006 08:00 AM

I always use Simple Green, and then hit it with my pressure washer. I have one that's electric, it comes on when you squeeze the handle and water starts to flow through it. It's not very high pressure, but it's about the same as a car wash. Oh, and when you spray the simple green on, let it sit for about 5 minutes before you start spraying. Always works great for me!

4Jeepn 02-12-2006 08:27 AM

I know some one who sprays their jeep with baby oil to help keep the mud off for mud runs. Just mist it into the engine area and see if it helps at clean up time with the pressue washer.

matt22 02-12-2006 07:56 PM

My dad had an attachment i used to clean my cars engine bay once. it was for hi air compressor, and basicallyran a tube to a bucket of water to create a fair spray. I used really hot water to assist the dirt and grime off.

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