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biker328 08-27-2011 01:06 AM

Fule pump bog and stall
Ok SO the past month me 02 4L Wrangler automatic has been odd. The past year and a half it has taken 2 cranks to get it started so i finally took it in. They said I need a new fuel pump. So A week ago I put in a new fuel pump, it went eayer than I though and than I filled it up with premieum and used a injecter cleaner from the gas station. I just want to clear out the whole system and I figured that would work. So a week of good starts ups and drivin g great until last night I really put the peddle to the metal (not the first time) the check engine light flashed like 3 or 4 times but than turned off. The light wasnt on before this happend and than wasn't on after the flashes. I got home checked my fuel lines and everything seemed fine. I got up with morning checked for coeds it was clean. SO I disconected the battery thinking it might clean the computer and maybe show codes once it was on. I also put a little more oil in it. I went to start it and it started but sounded like shit, idle really low, about one tick above 0. I turned it off started it agin and gave it a little gas to keep it from dieing. than the 3-5 time starting it it wouldnt start at all. finally left it four 7 hours it started up but still idles wicked low and shounds like shit. I reversed it and it died on me. again it died on me. I replaced the crank sensor,the one by the transmission days before the fuel pump. Its a bosch pump and it was the full unit. It also has a ticking, changing sound, thought maybe a lifter but havnt got in there, I just want my baby back and help would be wonderful.

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