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1987 wrangler 08-30-2007 10:30 AM

newbie here !
hello fellow jeepers! im a newbie to the site and a fairly new jeep owner as well. i just wanted to stop in and say hi. im currently in the process of installing a offy manifold on my 87' wrangler with 4.2 and im gonna plop and edelbrock 4 barrel on top of that. anyone have info on what i can do with all the insane vac lines and emissions junk to clean up the engine ? and of that stuff, just what exactly do i need ? also, the offy manifold has no provisions for alot of the sensors that was in the stock manifold, so is this going to affect any performance from the computer or is this computer, for this year of jeep's, function very limited ? im going to search as much as possible so i dont have to make repetative posts, so thanks for any and all help in advance. best wishes and thanks again.

daddyjeep 08-30-2007 03:38 PM

I hope your state allows what you are doing, Sounds good though. You will need the vaccuum line to the distributer and to the canister under the battery for the 4wd for sure. I think you might need it to the charcoal canister under the brake booster too. It's a rats nest in there isn't it.

bernm8r 08-30-2007 08:50 PM

Hello fello newbie,
I too am a recent wrangler owner, I dumped the carter carb for the MC2100. I removed all the vac lines and only have the pcv hooked to the carb and the charcoal cannister has the the one going to the PCV, one back to the tank and one to a ported vac off the carb. The 4th was capped off. Also the distributer advance is hooked to the ported vac. I capped off the EGR. I then have the ECU skipped so the ignition unit has 2 wires going directly to the distributer. I have not hooked up the vac line to the 4wd. Not sure how I want to do this. I think if I apply manifold vac directly to the unit it will activate the locking hub and I suspect I will lose mpg? I was thinking of going to posilok but want to do more research to see if that is a better way to go. I am pleased with the carb upgrade I gave it, plenty of power and good mpg +18 highway Hope this helps,

1987 wrangler 08-31-2007 04:07 PM

it is a rats nest for sure. i have everything removed x-cept the vac advance line and the one to the 4wd . where im hooking those 2 up for sure i dont know so far. another question tho, there is a line coming out of the fire wall on the d-side that is black hard plastic and it hooked to the rear of the old stock manifold. does any one know what this is for and what i do with it ? i tell ya what, with most of the x-cess vac lines removed and x-cess electrical stuff disco'd and taped up away nice, it looks so much different and cleaner ! itll be easier to work on now tho. i wanted to take the time to thank BOTH of the replies to my question and let the folks of this site know how much i APPRECIATE the info and HELP i have found here. i have went thru all the posts in this yj forum and im fixing several things on my jeep all at once. as of the present moment, i am layed off and unemployeed and cannot afford a dealer to fix my jeep, i have to do as much myself as possible, and get help when ever and where ever i can. so this site is a blessing for a jeep newbie.
once again, many thanks and ill be sure to have some more questions for ya'll and i hope to contribute as well.

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