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Renaissance_Redneck 08-30-2011 05:41 PM

Pardon my ignorance.....
.... but my Rubicon Unlimited is the first Jeep I've ever owned that had non-manual hub locks. Some years ago (late 90's) we had a Ford F-250 in which we promptly thrashed the automatic hub locks the first time we used the 4WD seriously. We immediately installed manual locking hubs.

I'm not even sure the hub technology in the Wrangler is comparable to my Ford's, but what are the chances I could lose power to my front wheels similar to the case I had in the truck? What are the advantages/disadvantages of manual locking hubs in the Wrangler?


tjt94 08-30-2011 06:10 PM

Not the same at all. Your truck had hubs that would lock out and in when needed. You unlocked them be backing up. The Wrangler is "locked in" all of the time; it is never in a free wheeling front on just the hubs or axel ends. Your entire front axel assemble and drive shaft are always turning but there is not power to the shaft until you put it into four wheel drive.

There are kits to install lock outs on the Wrangler but they cost around $1500 so it is not really cost effective.

Renaissance_Redneck 08-31-2011 09:24 AM

Thanks for the response, tjt. That clears it up for me.

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