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pilgreenal 09-01-2011 04:17 AM

RE 4.5" Extreme vs Rusty's 4" lift
So I have been creeping around on the forums for a while but now I am looking for a group opinion. I have a '92 YJ and im ready to lift it, even more so now that I noticed I have a broken leaf on the front axle.

So looking at lifts I wanted to go SOA but since I really don't have the money/tools to fix all associated problems I am thinking of around a 4" lift and staying SUA.

Looking around, I know the saying you get what you pay for but the Rubicon Express 4.5" kit is twice as much as the Rusty's Offroad 4" kit even with adding the parts (SS Extended Brake lines, Sway bar disconnects, Drop pitman arm, and greaseable shackles) to the Rusty's kit that comes with the RE kit.

It is my daily driver but I want it to be more offroad worthy, I don't really care if I give up road manners.

So guys, which way to yall think is going to be the best investment? :hide:

amerdt4 09-01-2011 07:12 AM

I don't know anything about the Rusty's but I will say I had the RE4.5 XD on my 89 for years and it treated me well . It had a great ride , height and look. It comes with EVERYTHING you need and greasable shackles and main eye bolts . When it was time to go off road ? Pull the quick disconnects and leave everyone else behind . Keep a strap available to hold up your swaybar . I drove my jeep everyday for 5 years with that lift and never once had a problem with it, very solid . Cleared my 33x12.50's on 15x8's . BTW I used stock rear DS with this too

I'm in the same boat now with my 94 and am trying to decide which lift I want to go with too SUA , SOA? I don't know if i want to try something different... I'll be paying attention to this thread !

Have you considered BDS? I'm gathering they make a good product.

amerdt4 09-01-2011 07:14 AM

From newb to newb ,Welcome btw !!

pilgreenal 09-01-2011 10:58 AM

Well I have seen mixed reviews about the BDS, Tuff Country, Rough Country, and Rusty's kits along with horrible reviews for the Pro Comp and Fabtech kits. But I have only seen good things about the Rubicon Express stuff, well with the only negative being the price. I do like the BDS warranty but if you think about it if parts break and they replace them I still am having to take them off and put them on myself. I would rather just have them not break...

But the reason I chose the RE and the Rusty's kits was, to my knowledge (gathered from teh interwebs), quality vs cost.

amerdt4 09-01-2011 11:22 AM

Gotcha ! Very understandable , well you have my vote in R.E ! I beat mine up and never had a problem , great product . And for some reason my jeep was a hell of alot bigger than other 4" lifted jeeps . I wondered WTH ??? It was more than .5 inch difference .

banks316 09-01-2011 11:43 AM

Rocky road outfitter has bolt Pj soa kit.

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