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Drover 09-01-2011 06:34 AM

Problems with central locking 2010 JK Wrangler Unlimited
Curious whether anyone else has had this.

Got a factory fitted central locking system on 2010 JK Wrangler Unlimited. Car is new, on road for only 6 months. The JK comes with a keyring with a simple lock/unlock button fitted (called a fob). We were provided with two keys, both worked yesterday but did not work this morning. Key points are:

- Car still unlocks with blade key.
- Car can still be locked/unlocked using the lock switch on drivers door.
- Ignition appears fine, starts like normal.
- The fob key uses a CR2032 (hearing aid) battery.
- New batteries were installed and no change.

We are paid up members of "Jeep Assist" in Australia. They couldn't assist, and hadn't heard of this before? I did a search of the forum and couldn't find any other threads that came close.

Any thoughts?

Drover 09-02-2011 05:40 AM

Diagnosis continues ....

Using the blade key, drove the car into town. Remotes work again.
On return home, the remote for the garage has frozen.
When parked again outside the garage, the remote for the Jeep no longer works.
Looks like the Jeep use a frequency common with other devices.
This is a common problem. If your remote doesn't work on the Jeep, could be the area, not the car.
This blogspot was helpful, particularly with other links in it.


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