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fishnwrnglr 02-14-2006 12:52 AM

more death wobble ?s
I have a TJ with 2 inch coil spacers installed. I have had death wobble ever since. I aligned it, put aftermarket stabilizer on, had wheels balanced, and checked for slop in any joints. I've heard that you want 6-8 degrees of positive camber. I'm not sure what the alignment shop set it at. Should I check this? Can 6-8 be had without longer lower control arms?
Also checked the trac bar. What gives?

kingvm 02-14-2006 07:40 AM

I can't speak for everyone, but my experience with DW started after a 2" lift also. I did many things, but what finally fixed it was putting on an adjustable trackbar to re-center the axle. Without it you run with a constant loading of the axle because you had to pull the axle over to connect the trackbar. (One other thing I found was that my old trackbar frame side bushing was worn and allowing movement).

The DW resurfaced about a week ago, and it was fixed by replacing the frame side bolt with a grade 8 bolt and getting it tightened properly. The old bolt was stretched and had loosened because of it. Any more tightening would have broken the old bolt.

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