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ddavesyj 09-02-2011 10:29 PM

Motor help
Anyone know about oil presure problems. When I first start my 1989yj 4.2 I6 up it has 40-45 oi; presure. When it warms up to 180-190 degrees it drops to 20 at 2000 rpm and 5 at idol. shortly after it drops to 5 at 2000 rpm and 0 at Idol. When I let it set and cool down it starts at 40 again. I am wandering if my main bearing are shot. It allso leaks oil out of the rear main seel prety bad. Any ideas would be apriciated.

yjdad 09-02-2011 10:54 PM

Sounds to me like the engine is getting a little tired. First, I would evaluate the oil you are using, if the engine has a lot of time/miles it may be good to use 10w40 or something a little thicker than you are currently using. Second, as long as your lifters aren't ticking at idle speed, the rest of the engine is most likely getting enough oil to lubricate sufficiently. Last of all, changing engines is always fun!

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