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necromancer_tat 09-04-2011 02:16 PM

Control arm opinions.
I'm considering replacing my control arms, and I'm thinking about one of these 3 set ups.

If I buy any of these set ups I will also run the front axle JJ conversion kit as well..

Although they are all really similar, there are some differences in each set up...

Both the Rokmen and Savvy set up use double adjustable control arms on the rear. The Currie set up is fixed on one end. The Savvy set up uses aluminum uppers all the way around, and the Rokemen and Currie set ups use DOM steel for the uppers.

The product descriptions are slightly vauge... on Savvy's sight, both the lower and upper arms are 1.25 inches thick, but what size are the threads on the JJ's? On Rokmen's sight, the control arm thickness isn't listed, nor is the thread size on the Flex Joints... Also they appear to be JJ's but that isn't listed anywhere, are they JJ's or are they more like the ones that Balistic Fabrications sells, or like the ones used in Rough Country's control arms? Currie's websight lists the lowers as being 1.25'' DOM, and 1" DOM for the uppers, but doesn't list the thread size of the JJ's either....

Here are some of my concerns as to what I would like to accomplish..

1. If I buy any of these control arm kits I want to have the ability to reuse the joint ends in the future when I do an axle swap, or a wheel base stretch.

2. I would like to buy the largest joint/thread size available, once again looking forward to future upgrades.

3. Do any of the kits use the same size joint all the way around on all the arms? I know that they rarely fail, but if they do fail, or if they just need a rebuild, having everything be the same size would reduce the number of spare parts I would need to carry.


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