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Hawkeye22407 09-04-2011 09:39 PM

where would someone make a feature request?
this site, like some others i've been on, has one shortcoming that seems like it would be easy to fix...

looking through hundreds of "parts" posts when trying to buy a vehicle, or through lots of "jk" posts when looking for "TJ" parts, can get really frustrating...

would love to see the "For Sale" items broken into sections - off the cuff, something like

Wheels and Tires
Bumpers and Armor
Axles, Gears, and Drivetrain
Audio and Electronics
Accessories and Misc Parts

and then the same for YJ, TJ, and JK... would make it SO much easier when looking for a new soft top for a TJ if you didn't have to go through hundreds of JK parts, ya know?

Just a suggestion... Thanks for everything!

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