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Humpty Dumpty 95 09-04-2011 10:23 PM

95 yj help
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I have a 95 YJ S model and I have torn it down to every nut and bolt (hence the humpty dumpty title) over the past 2 years for my daughters 16th birthday. At this point I have turned the key and started to go bald at the same time. I marked all wires (to the best of my knowledge) and now I have a few questions/with pictures. Can anyone help me???? When I hook the battery up I get a check engine light with the key OFF and the upshift arrow??? With the ignition on I can get a door buzzer, seatbelt and brake light on the master caution but NOTHING after that?? No dash lights? I do not hear a fuel pump priming. Enclosed are a few pictures of electrical plugs that I cannot find homes for and not sure if that is my problem? If anyone can help or have a suggestion it would make my daughter and barber VERY happy

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