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06blackmax 09-05-2011 11:55 AM

Clutch mst. cyl. fitting
OK heres my problem, my trans had some bad gears in it so I found one on craigslist. Got lucky it was a reman and came with trans, t-case, new clutch,pp, TO brg, and slave cyl. All went in great no problems with any off that. When I went to install slave and line the slave cyl had a stainless steel braded line on it with screw on fittings on both ends. It screws onto the slave great but cant get it to fit my clutch master cyl. The guy I got it from cant tell me where it came from cause it was in the Jeep when he got it. Does anybody know where I can find the push in fitting with a brake line flared end for this SS line that I have? I would like to use it because it looks like it would be lots stronger. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks Tim
I put this here cause it seems like it was built like this, if not it can be moved.

06blackmax 09-08-2011 07:48 AM

Problem solved! Got my new 4wheel parts catalog in the mail yesterday and low and behold there was my kit for YJ and TJ clutch line upgrade. Two fittings and stainless steel braded line. Its made by advance adapters so I went to there site and there was the fitting I need. So for $20 buck and two days wait I'll be back on the road. :punk:

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