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JoeyT 09-04-2007 12:06 PM

New membeer, some questions.
Hi all. I just picked up an 89 that used to be a good friends. It is a long story, which I will post when I start the rebuild.

Anyway, I have some quick questions, and wanted to say hi and intorduce myself.

My name is Joey T, I work for a used car dealer in Scotia, NY. I am an avid Audi enthusiast, and have a well modded A4 and a 1995 Audi 90. I also have a few street bikes, a 56 TBird, and some other stuff. I will have no problem with the difficulty of any repairs on this Jeep, but of course, may have some questions now and then.

Speaking of which...

1. I would like to have a small, light, plow. I will be driving the Jeep in the Summer also, so I need one I can remove reasonably easy. Any suggestions on models? Anyone have one for sale?

2. A hardtop might be nice. Again, where to buy, how much to expect to spend?

3. If I don't get a hardtop, how bad will this be to drive with the softop in NE winters?

4. Winch. I will be taking it off road on occasion, and sometimes I lack impulse control. A small winch would be helpful.

5. Locking diffs, at least the front. The idea of a 4X4 with open diffs seems silly to me. How do I identify what diffs I have and what is the suggestions for a locker? Anyone use Powertrax?

6. I need a tailgate. Mine was the recipient of a whack at some point and is bent. I need to paint the car, so color is not important.

7. Rear seat. Me no gots:)

8. Repair manual. I see a CD on e-bay, any good?

So, if anyone wants to buy a nice Audi 90, lemme know:) I need to free up some money for the Jeep.

And, for the record, I am in Scotia, NY, and would be interested in meeting any local guys.

debruins 09-04-2007 01:18 PM

first thing you need ot learn is the jeep wave! idea, but know that jeeps are only good for a small parking lor or driveway, if the banks are higher than a 3-4 feet youll just end up sliding sideways and not pushing it towards the side

2. on craigslist, around $500-$800

3.its fine, the heat in a jeep is REALLY good, just know that you cant scrape the windows, only brush them

4.warn M8000

5.the front is a D30 i believe, i suggest an aussie locker

6.craigslist again, a CJ7 tailgate iwll fit too with a little modding, and then it will flip down and you'll get a real tialgate!

7.craigslist again

8.i have no idea im a TJ guy

crafty 09-04-2007 06:40 PM

Heat is descent in a YJ but you do end up with a VERY HOT right foot. Save the pain of cleaning your plastic door windows by hanging a towel over them at night on frosty nights ;)

87yjAR 09-06-2007 07:26 PM

I can help with a few opinions.. will havw about anything you need for the jeep...Hardtop, expect to pay 2 grand or better. Check you local papers and ebay for a used one. Winches can be found at either place as well. Diffs...Rear DANA 35 ... Front DANA 30. If you keep these, you will want upgrade axles with your lockers. If you are going to drive on the street, be sure to get a selectable or limited slip style locker as the full time version will have terrible street manners. Have quadratec send you a free catalog. It will have just about every part you need. Oh, and by the way did you say AUdi enthusiast?!?:)

rebelBullDawg325 09-06-2007 07:47 PM

how big is the jeep right now? lift and tires? this will have an effect on axles an lockers

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