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johnley 09-06-2011 01:51 PM

Please help. i hate rain.
Its raining today. A lot of rain. northwest georgia's biggest rainfall i've ever seen. and today i left my lights on in my YJ.

After class got out about 5 hours later (my posts this morning are when i got to class) i went out there and had campus security jump me off. i got about a hundred feet before (i think) the starter moter came back on and made a godawful noise, much like grinding the gears continuously. i swung it over into a parking lot and killed it immediately, and then smoke came out of my steering column, but now the starter motor was running, but it wasn't making that awful noise anymore. campus police showed up, and i have until tomorrow to fix it or tow it. any suggestions? this is my DD, so i realllly need it fixed.

and if there are any typo's/confusing sentences, i'll fix them later. i can't feel my fingers.

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