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clouddown 09-07-2011 05:16 PM

Trail input needed
Wondering if anybody has any good recommendations for a good trail or two for doing some aspen leaves changing viewing. Any input is welcomed....thanks!

ttim 09-18-2011 06:32 PM

i dont see your profile of your jeep. that will decide where you can go of course. i would hate to send you down one of my favorite trails and you break or get stuck!

clouddown 09-19-2011 03:37 PM

Good point ttim. Have updated my profile!:facepalm: Vader should be able to handle most things (i'm the weak link!) but not really built for "serious crawlin'".

ttim 09-19-2011 06:56 PM

well depending on how hard you want to push it, you could stay pretty local then and hit up spring creek (just outside of idaho springs). its really not too bad, but some challenges. might be a bit harder without at least one locker, but ive run it in a 74 cj5 with similar lift setup, open diffs. definately check it out online and take another jeep with you for this one. this trail joins up with one of the ones i list below.

more than likely tho, i would start with these two. first is Devils Canyon, (hwy 103 out of idaho springs). its pretty much an easy dirt fireroad all the way up, and you can stop at the top and hang out. very nice views and usually pretty quiet. its a nice loop around too, with a bunch of offshoots that sometimes lead nowhere. still fun to hit them and explore, letting kids wander around and enjoy nature at each stop.
the other is Saxon (or Saxxon, ive seen both ways) mountain. that road starts as you go thru the town of georgetown, and winds up the side all the way to the top. very easy road, a few small washouts and rough ride tho. if anyone else is riding with you, i would air down. just makes it more forgiving for everyone, not really a traction thing here. at the top are some very impressive panoramic views with some picnic tables. the spring creek trail i mentioned first leads into this trail.

another possibility is democrat mountain (or is it republican? or both? been too long for me) that is again a nice winding fireroad. did this one in my grand many years ago with 2.5 lift and 31's very easily. just outside of empire, like you were going to winter park.tons more places up that way if you wanted to make that much of a trip. the first ones ive mentioned, you can be at the trailhead maybe...30 minutes-ish from leaving denver? so they can be fun afternoon trips.

just remember of course: if you try these on the weekend, you will be competing against the other 200,000 denverites trying to see the beauty of our state at the same time! :) we went to carbondale over the weekend and the colours are already starting to do some changing, not a ton of golds, but its definately get up there anytime within the next few weeks!
(and if you want to hit spring creek on a wednesday, hit me up. i might be able to tag along as a second jeep!)

clouddown 09-21-2011 01:23 PM

Thanks for the imput. Yeah, I'm familiar with Spring Creek and Saxon Rd. Have been up there a couple of times. Not sure I've done Devil's Canyon..but I might hit up the Empire area (like it up there.) Unfortunately I work 6 days a week so I'm one of those 200,000 people that you're talking about!! But I gotta go when I can, right. Thanks again...maybe we'll see you out there! :wavey:

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