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sell33 09-07-2011 09:38 PM

Gear Ratio question.
Hi guys.

Well I am very new to the Jeep world. Just purchased my first jeep (definitely not my last) last weekend. It is a 1997 Wrangler SE, 4 cylinder 2.5 (5 speed). Yes I know it has no power but it is MAINLY going to just be my daily driver, just around town. I got a pretty decent deal on it off of a neighbor that I grew up with. I'm a broke college student and can't afford two vehicles so selling my ranger to fund this (I have always wanted a jeep).

Anyways, the owner before my neighbor upgraded to 31x10.5 tires. From what I understand the gears were never changed, and possibly should have been. The speedometer is correct though. Right now my jeep only tops out at a little over 70 mph, not terribly high RPMs or anything, but it obviously needs a different gear ratio for 5th because in 4th I can push it faster than 5th. 5th gear at about 70 mph is still a little under 3k rpms. I would like to be able to drive this on the highway if I want to, but don't really like the idea of barely being able to go 70, especially if it is windy or something because then I will never hit 70.

So, any suggestions on a different gear ratio, or another solution? Also, how expensive would such a modification be?

Thanks for helping a rookie!

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