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HollyNick22 09-12-2011 03:10 AM

"New" 88 YJ Has Lots of Quirks
Picked up an '88 YJ near Oceanside, CA today and it made it all the way back to Burbank before hitting the skids. Some gauges work (speedometer) some don't (gas gauge stuck on full), others questionable. Steering column seems to have some issues in that hazards get randomly stuck on when blinkers are used or you can come out to car and one blinker is randomly going off until you move steering column up and down or turn wheel or just finally disconnect battery. Car overheated after I used air conditioner the last few miles of the trip. Part coming off the air filter is totally missing (made of paper rather than plastic in later models).

Looking for encouragement that these are rather minor repairs and the beginning of many happy adventures with my Wrangler.

Oh yeah, after bumping along the freeway for 30 or so miles, the LOCKED driver's side door mysteriously and slowly swings open into traffic. Doubly scary because the driver's side seatbelt is currently broken!

banks316 09-12-2011 04:42 AM

Well let me start off with the gauges. YJ all gauges are broad estiamates. Fuel guage problem can be solved by dropping the tank and cleaning up the contacts in the pick up in the tank. For the blinkers you should dismantle the stearing column and it might be wires getting streached, or coming lose. Over heating, whats the temp say? Jeep engines run hot my 4.0l runs at just over 210. If its more then that check fluid, t stat, and try a radiator flush. Not sure what part your talking aboot on your air box, pic would help. Last your door is probaly out of adjustment, but check that the latch is latching first befor adjust it.

gryph 09-12-2011 08:13 AM

I can refill the fuel tank in my YJ just by tapping on the gauge, it's sooo quick and easy and I don't even need to find a gas station !

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