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mr4x4 09-07-2007 11:51 PM

The 27th Annual Hump N Bump
an excuse to come out to vegas

What is Hump N Bump?
Hump N Bump is the largest event of the year where you will get to experience terrain like no other. The Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers has been putting on this run for 27 years now and it keeps getting larger and larger with participants from all over the country.

Starting this year proceeds from the event will go to the Southern Nevada Trail Fund who's purpose is to educate and maintain legal motorized access to all points of interest in public lands throughout Southern Nevada. The SNTF is a 100% volunteer organization. So come out and have a great time while helping keep our trails open!

When is Hump N Bump?

The 27th Annual Hump N Bump will take place November 2nd and 3rd 2007.

Where does the Hump N Bump take place?

Most of the trail rides are around Logandale, NV. The "Base Camp" is located in the Logandale Trail system about 1 mile from town. Logandale, NV is about 60 miles east of Las Vegas on I-15.

So what is it like?

All the trails start out at base camp and take you into the hills of Logandale over gravel roads, rocks, sand dunes, washes, canyons, virtually every type Wheeling the desert has to offer! Trails are rated from 1 to 5, 1 being scenic to 5 being extreme. All types of dry camping is allowed at base camp from tents to RVs. No hooks ups, so remember bring in what you need and please pack out your trash. There is a mini marts, restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations about 3 miles from base camp in Logandale.

The trail rides are Friday and Satuday so you can choose 2 trails you would like to run. A description of each is listed below. Sign up sheets will be located at the registration booth. Some trails will limit the number of vehicles so sign up early.

Click Here to see photos and video from last years Hump N Bump.

What else happens at Hump N Bump?

On saturday after the trail rides there will be a BBQ and raffle. The raffle is for many assorted vehicle accessories, room accomodations, gift certificates, and clothing with a grand prize held for the end so load up on tickets at the registration booth. There is also a children's raffle so bring the whole family. Hang out by the fire, meet some wheelers and make some new friends.

So what do I need to participate?

A functioning 4 wheel drive of course and basic safety equipment: Roll bar (if you don't have a factory hard top), jack/tools/spare tire, recovery hooks (or other solid recovery points), fire extinguisher, functional parking brake, first aid kit, seat belts for all vehicle occupants, battery hold-downs (no bungees) and plenty of water. If for some reason you are unable to meet any of these requirements please contact a member of the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers BEFORE you register and we will try to help get you squared away.

Ready to go Wheeling, download a registration form at the bottom of the page and send it in!

The Trails!
The follow trails will be ran this year:
13 mile loop -

Arockalpse - Extreme trail with a gigantic boulder at the beginning. This trail is rated 4 and should not be attempted unless you have 35"+ tires, 2 lockers and do not care what you vehicle looks like!

Bowl Trail - Perfect trail for those with stock to lightly modified vehicles. The trail winds through the desert through some very scenic parts of the Logandale area. There are a few obstacles for those of you adventurous types but all are optional. At the very end of the run you can really test your driving skills and attempt the S-TURN. Though it is optional we suggest lockers front and rear and there is a possibility for some body damage. Full size not recommended in the S-Turn and are guaranteed body damage.

Bronco Falls - A trail named after the one biggest obstacles in the trail, a huge vertical climb up a rock wall. Though it looks more intimidating then it is difficult a good set of tires and some low gears will get you to the top.

Hawkins Trail -

Matterhorn - Rated probably a 2 this trail is good for those slightly modified vehicles. Scenic ride through the Logandale hills to some mild obstacles. Great optional off camber climb just before a large climb that puts you back in the launch position.

Rock Bottom - This is a great trail for those looking for a challenge. Rated a 4 this trail will test your rig. The entrance to the trail is a V crack that you tip toe through. From there you crawl some sand stone obstacles along the way until you end up in a canyon with 4 ways out. The easiest is rated a 2 or 3 the hardest put mosts on there roof! As the trail comes to an end you have two ways to exit the trail: the S turn near the end of the trail where your powersteering, gearing and brake control abilities get a major workout or the waterfall which is pretty steep flat rock wall decent. After the trail have some fun at the sand dunes and back to base camp. Trail will take about half the day with a large group so bring snacks and plenty of water.

The registration form

Levinoss 09-08-2007 12:04 AM

Nothing like some hump N bump in vegas ^_^


mr4x4 09-08-2007 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by Levinoss (Post 133104)
Nothing like some hump N bump in vegas ^_^



heres some pics from last year

Levinoss 09-08-2007 12:52 AM

looks like a blast, yet another thing i'll miss out on.


If I dont get some off roading in soon ima run out of jeep to clean. Im already starting to stare under my hood. Nothing but the engine left on the jeep to clean!


1BLKJP 09-08-2007 01:03 AM

So anyone got an open seat? We'll be out in Vegas for SEMA and might just have to stay over the 2nd weekend.

bluvikng 09-08-2007 09:17 AM

Looks like a great place to wheel.

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