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Noshtzy 09-13-2011 01:26 AM

Can my front stock Rubi locker be stuck on?
So here's something interesting.

My Rubi won't engage the front locker. the rear locker engages fine the but the FRONT LOCK light just keeps blinking and nothing happens. No compressor sounds either but I haven't crawled underneath yet while trying to turn it on.

Whenever I'm in 4HI or 4LO the front end just doesn't want to go if I turn the wheels too much. There's a LOT of resistance and the Jeep will slow or stop if I'm rolling. If I give it some gas while turning one of the wheels will spin, though I don't recall if it was inner or outer. Otherwise driving straight on in 4WD is no problem.

In 2HI nothing goes wrong at all. No resistance and turning is a breeze.

My crazy notion is that the front locker is actually somehow stuck engaged. I can't explain why it wouldn't still be locked in 2HI but I can't really think of any other explanation.

I could also be crazy and this could all be normal operation with the front end when in 4WD with front lockers. My last Jeep had no lockers and did not react this way in 4WD.

Any thoughts?

snwchris 09-13-2011 06:54 AM

Do you still have the factory Locker switch or have you done the "Locker Bypass"????

When the front locker is on, it will tend to bind or be hard to turn. Typically only need the front locker if trying to get thru a hard rock crawl section. I rarely used my front locker unless was trying to make a ledge climb or something and then would turn the front off.

Check or follow the front air line to see if theres any issues with them and then I would also check the line connection to the tube inside the diff cover. Once you remove the diff cover you'll see the line and tube connection.

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