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bernm8r 09-09-2007 11:20 PM

tranfer case skid plate
Hello all,
Since I recently became a jeep owner of a 1990 wrangelr sahara4.2 5 speed. I have been over and under and looking what needs to be done as far as maintenace wise goes. It was used for a landscaping buisness and was used for snow plowing. I removed the snow plow and mounting brackets. The under carriage is a bit rusty but actually not too bad the originally owner had it under coated. But my transfer case skidplate is in pretty bad shape with significant rust . I have looked online and in the plethora of paper catalogs I requested, but only seem to come across rock sliders or gas tank plates. Skidrow has a skidplate to protect the engine/oil/transmission but in the pic on there website it is shown bolted onto the transfer case skid plate. is this not a skid plate but some sort of transfer case mount? Am I just not using the correct terms for search or does a lift seem to eliminate the need for one? Thanks for your help,

AzTJ 09-09-2007 11:34 PM

You might be looking at a "belly up" skid which is a transfer case skid plate that is a lot more shallow and tucks the transfer case up higher for more clearance. If your looking for just a stock transfer case, I'd highly suggest a junk yard, ebay, craigslist as you wont find replacements in any catalog.

bernm8r 09-09-2007 11:54 PM

I did see those, it seems my model is in between. I di dsee one particluar make that did fit my years, but will have to wait. It was $490 a bit too much $ for me right now. I see so many items that are for 1991-2006 or from 1972 -1986. Makes me feel like I bought a bad year. If I looked and researched it enough I may have been lookin for a 1991 with FI. But I am actually happy with this purchase now that I have it running.
Thanks a bunch.

tangodown06 09-10-2007 04:37 PM

tcase skidplate
i too have a 90 wrangler and have the same problem,cant find a new skid plate anywhere except maybe junkyard but havent looked there yet,if anyone comes up with something let us know..................thanks

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