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ob1kubota 09-18-2011 06:05 AM

94 yj 2.5 runs rough-stalls no start
Good morning all. I just purchased this headache , When cold ran fine, drove about 2 blocks and as I got into the throttle it started running rough, I was going up my driveway and it died, I was able to restart and go 10 feet and it died again, I thought it ran out of fuel, added fuel-NG. An hour later I removed and reinstalled the fuses and relays since its missing the under hood coved. Started right up and Idled for 15 min then stalled, It did restart but runs rough when you give it gas, did notice the previous owner spliced the wires at the distributor so Im assuming he was troubleshooting . Need alittle advice where to start

Trad 09-18-2011 10:17 AM

Start with a tune-up. Plugs, wire, cap and rotor. I bought my jeep and it ran horrible, Its just what you said. I took the pugs out and the electrodes were GONE! I gave it a good tune up (about $100 in parts) ran some "tune-up in a can" injector cleaner with a full tank of Super Unleaded and BAM! It runs great now. I bought My 95 with a 2.5L for a great price. The guy I bought it from told me that the motor was bad and it needs replacing so he cut me a great deal on it. Litlle to his knowing, it just needed a tune-up. Anyway, Id start with a good tune-up and go from there. Spark gap on a 94 2.5L is 0.28-0.35 just so you know.

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