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jono967 09-18-2011 08:31 PM

More From the Land Down Under
Four of us went for a drive out to Toolangi on Sunday

The weather was great, company was good and we all drove home in one piece :supz: :supz:

Their was Normy in his Jeep, Glen in a GU ute, Mark and Sue in a twin locked standed troopy

At one stage I did walk, what felt like forever down an overgrown track using the new beaut chaino widening it to the best of my ability with young Jake following behind in the Jeep (which now has some interesting marks along its panels 8-[ )

Overall the Jeep went great really impressed with its offroad capability probably needs heavier springs and shocks for the speed I like to travel at but otherwise everything seemed to work great
Jake and the Jeep
Nice shot of Normy and his Jeep
Just a little puddle
Still moving forward
And out we pop at the other end
Stormin Norman
His new lights work good

jono967 09-18-2011 08:32 PM
Troopy coming on thru
Glen coming through in the GU
The troopy got stuck
Jeep to the rescue
Another puddle
Lookin good
and pops out the other end with no hassle at all
Troopy coming through the same section
Glen poping out of the same hole

jono967 09-18-2011 08:33 PM
We did the wanky flex shots the troopy almost rolled trying to set up for the shot :shock: So we decided to get him of the mound sooner rather than later
She seems to Flex ok
Normy was next
Normy's flexes real well :supz:
Glen's turn to flex up the GU
Front doesn't work real well but the rear does :rolleyes:
Glen wanted to take a little extra home with him
That's it hope you enjoyed the show.

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