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mswilder 02-18-2006 11:35 PM

finally got stuck
i dont have any pics but i have a good story:) , i was out on a local trail just exploring, and i came apon some rocks so i thought i would crawl on some of them and flex the suspension and see just what my jeep could do:D . well i got up two or three and i was attempting to go up another when my tire sliped because i wasnt centered on it enough but i fell off of it right on to the lower control arm and differencial:mad: , but the ground was so slik that I couldnt get off the rock so i was stuck with my front tires off the ground and a rock under my lower control and next to the "shove" which has got dented. but i used the jack to lift up and try to get off the rock. but with no luck just move over alittle and was then sitting on just the differencial. well i call a friend that has a 94 blazer and he came up to help me. i got off the rock and there was no damage belive it or not besides a little dent in the front of the "shovel, but for the first time in my 4X4 days I have been stuck to the point that i couldnt get out myself. but I just thought i would share my story with yall, thought you could use a laugh:o but its all fun:D :flipoff: :D .


jeeperman 02-20-2006 10:55 AM

Well, it's never really a question of IF you get stuck, but more of WHEN you will get stuck!:D "The bigger you build your truck, the farther off the road you get stuck" - Anon. (and consequently, the bigger the tow truck bill!);)

1BLKJP 02-20-2006 03:35 PM

Yeah, buddy. Sounds like fun. Glad that your friend was there to help you. That's kind of why we all preach out here to not go out with just 1 vehicle. The rocks are pretty rough out here and can be pretty dangerous.

Don't worry about the pan, that's what it's there for. But if you did land pretty hard on your control arm then you might want to double check the mount to make sure it didn't start to tear off the axle.

mswilder 02-21-2006 03:07 PM

i checked it all, every thing is in working order, what happend is the tire just slid off the rock so really it didnt hit that hard and the only reason i dented the pan i because i tried to get off and more or less forgot it was there and pulled forward and hit it and that is what made me really get stuck with the rock between the pan and the control arm. Ohhh and i was really alone but i call my buddy, and it took him about 30 min to get to the trail and another 15 to find me. but i have learned my lesson.

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