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Just1Spartan 09-19-2011 11:19 AM

Code Alarm AS9233ST Security & Remote Start
I posted this in the JK forum as well, but figured I would try here also in case any other Jeepers have some experience with this.

Anybody have any experience with this product? Code Alarm AS9233ST Add security and remote start to your factory keyless entry system at

This weekend I installed about $2500 worth of wheels & tires on my JKU (pictures coming soon!), I have wheel locks all around, and an extra cable locking my spare to the carrier, but it has occurred to me that if somebody really wanted my rims and tires they could just steal the whole rig and take it somewhere they have plenty of time to work.

So, with that in mind, I have been looking for a security system. I am not overly concerned with having a loud siren to wake the neighbors up at all hours, or having a sensor to trigger it anytime someone tries to reach a hand into my open interior as I don't keep anything of value in there anyway. My biggest focus is I just want to make it as hard as possible to start up my Jeep and drive away with it.

I think this system looks really promising, it uses the existing keyfob's lock/unlock buttons to arm & disarm the system, and includes a small "smart stick" remote for remote start. It has an output for a siren if I later decide to add one, but can just use the existing horn. It has a shock sensor that will give a warning chirp/honk and a blinking LED on the windshield mounted antenna as deterrents as well.

The one weak link that is concerning me is the "valet switch" located on the antenna which allows you to temporarily bypass all alarm functions. It seems like someone could just cut/zipper into the Jeep, flip the valet switch and it's like the alarm isn't even there. Hopefully this switch can be disabled.

Thoughts? Insights? Other products I should check out? Thanks!

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