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Carolina__TJ 09-19-2011 10:59 PM

Death Wobble ( I know I know )
Bought my rubicon back in 2010. In the last 9 months I've put 12000 miles on it. At 48 mph I have steering shimmy and sometimes it escalates to full out death wobble. Its really annoying. And if I'm slowing down when I hit 48 it wobbles slightly but its gone quickly because I'm slowing down. Then there's times when I can't feel a thing wobble at 48 it comes and goes when it wants. I have a new steering stabilizer on it and not much has changed. Could it really be these old worn out 33's? Its unpredictable. I can't see anything lose or worn out under the front end. But it seems like I can feel play in the steering wheel. Its hard to explain but could it be something worn out in the steering system? All the avaliable input is much appreciated. I know many of you are saying go to a mechanic. But I don't want to go there for them to point out the problem and charge me an arm and a leg.

Mortalis5509 09-19-2011 11:38 PM

jeep tech's (factory techs that is) have no real good exlpination for DW.

Now check all the bushing up front, make sure things are greased, no cracked or worn bushing, make sure everything is tighten to specs, tires balanced right, tie rods, links,....pretty much everything in the front expect the axle its self and its direct componets should be checked (axle shaft and unit bearing is what I am talking about). Bad and worn tires can cause it.

You are going to have to play an elimination game.

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