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dawn-chicago 09-20-2011 09:24 AM

tailgate/rear window water leak
hi, everyone. i've been reading some posts after googling about my jeep leaking. liked this forum site so much i just had to join. i'm a new/novice owner of a '99 jeep wrangler. no instruction books, owner manual, etc. just winging it here. anyway, put my hardtop on yesterday and rain leaked in where the bottom rear window meet the tailgate and quarter panels. i read something about weatherstripping and stuff, but i'm lost with the gearhead language. can someone dumb it down for me? or tell me another way to keep rain from coming in? putting washcloths to soak up moisture, but sure would like a different solution.

Shelby427 09-20-2011 01:35 PM

First off make sure you close the glass first, then the tail gate. The tail gate is what locks the glass in place. Also check the bottom of the glass for a rubber strip that runs across it. That is the seal, the tail gate when it closes pushes against it, to hold the glass down, and to complete the sealing process.

Also if memory serves me, there should be a pair of seals on the bottom of the hard top, where it meets the tub/body of the jeep to seal that joint. And another across the top of the windshield frame. They often get damaged on removal of the top.

You can pick up the top seals from places like Quadratec.

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