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rketr 09-13-2007 01:13 AM

HOWTO: Fix Ripped Soft Top
Sooooo...back in April of '06 I was on a trip to a local ranch (my first run ever) and had to use a tree as a pivot point to make it thru one of the river beds. Needless to say, the tree scraped the top right above the B pillar on the drivers side and left a few holes that I've been too lazy to deal with.

Had the top down today and figured I would finally fix it since I finally had all the stuff and a few minutes before the game started tonite.

Dunno if it is the best way to fix the rips, but it should work fine. If it doesn't...the total cost is under $10 bux...

Here's what you'll need:
- 1 iron on patch kit (like the stuff your mom used to iron on your jeans when you were a kid):

- 1 squeeze tube of clear silicon sealant:

- 1 iron (ssshhhhhh...don't tell my wife :blush: ):

Lets get started:
1. take the top down so you can get to the affected area

2. cut the iron on patch to size so it'll cover the holes and have a good bit of overlap

3. following the instructions on the iron on patch kit, from the inside facing out, iron the patch over the holes. Use something flat on the outside so it'll mate up properly (I just put on a welding glove and ironed against it :lol: )

Once ironed, it'll look like this:

4. let it cool and then put the top back up

5. liberally apply the clear sealant to the outside of the ripped area and smooth it out

6. let it dry overnight before trimming off any excess. we'll see how it looks tomorrow B)

One last tip: use a self tapping screw in the sealant's tip to keep it from drying out:

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