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jackpinesavage 09-23-2011 09:01 AM

URGENT! Hardtop Advice aftermarket or OEM
I got a quick question I am looking at 3 differant Hard tops for sale all are black which I want... 2 OEM tops 1 aftermarket ..... the OEM one's are in decent shape light scratches slightly faded but one is $700 the other $800... I found a excellant condition aftermarket for $550 But it has like carpeting on the inside roof I do not see a name on it but its in nicer condition than the OEM tops???? which is the better way to go??? Pros and cons of the aftermarket????

Thanks For the help

s14sh3r 09-23-2011 10:25 AM

Used hard tops run 1100 to 1500 dollars where I live :facepalm:

I can tell you one of the cons of an aftermarket top: the possibility of not being able to get replacement parts if needed. My TJ came with a Steel Horse 2 piece top and needed the lower part of the back glass. Steel Horse went out of business and I couldn't find parts anywhere, so I had to get a new top

Neil F. 09-23-2011 11:08 AM

Bestop hardtops had carpet so that is most likely what it is. The Bestop will be fine. If it matters, the Bestop will not have the rear wiper. If yours was a softop model you would not have the defrost/wiper wires and would have to install the kit to make them work on the OEMs..

Jerry Bransford 09-23-2011 11:12 AM

Without knowing the brand of the aftermarket hard top, it's hard to give advice to go for it. Like Steelhorse made hardtops for the TJ but they were really crappy quality but Bestop's quality is first-rate. I'd look the aftermarket top over real carefully to see if you can find a name somewhere. If you can and it says Bestop, go for it. If you can and it says Steelhorse, I'd avoid it.

jackpinesavage 09-23-2011 11:44 AM

Does anyone know the physical differance of a bestop or steelhorse??? are the side windows shape differant what about the back glass is there any thing to look for??? did steelhourse have carpet on the inside??

Jerry Bransford 09-23-2011 11:49 AM

IIRC, the Steelhorse also had carpet inside but I can't help you on any external physical appearance differences.

wwch99tj 09-23-2011 12:25 PM

Here's some pics I found on the forum to help id the top if its a steel horse

Jerry Bransford 09-23-2011 12:27 PM

Good pics, especially where it shows the Steelhorse log. Just a quick note to add that not all Steelhorse tops were the 2-piece design as shown in the otherwise helpful eBay posting.

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