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Csechols38 09-24-2011 08:32 PM

Blown head gasket??
2.5 yj 130xxx i have 60 psi compression in all cylinders, when i did the wet tests i used a little bit of oil and it only bumped it up about 10 psi for each cylinder. the jeep runs good. it feels like it is supper slow and gets 10 mpg. i didnt the comp check 3 times because i didnt believe the readings i got. each time i did it was with a different guage. i performed a leekdown test and only had time to do it on the number one cylinder. i could hear compression leeking into the exhuast and into the adjacent cylinder # 2. my question is... is it possible that my head gasket is blown between 1 and 2 only leeking compression? and that compression is leeking out cylinder 2's exhuast valve since it is open? and then i could have the head gasket blown between 3 and 4? when i was doing the compression check i squirted oil in the number 3 cylinder and when i cranked it ( i definantly put to much oil in cuz it bumper my compression up to 170 psi) blew smoke out the # 4 cylinder spark plug hole.

This engine doesnt burn any oil whatsoever. NOT a drop. im not lossing any coolant and the oil is not milky. i know a blown headgasket between all 4 cylinders is very very unlikely ??

jcbrindle 09-25-2011 02:40 AM

Sounds like a valve problem. Your hearing air in other cylinders because its leaking through the intake valve into the manifold and into any cylinder with an open valve. Same with the exhaust. I've never torn down one of these motors but my bet is you have coking on the valves keeping them from closing or they simply need adjusting.

DamnBigPapa 09-25-2011 10:22 AM

X 2 valve adjustment

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