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ou812 10-06-2011 05:05 AM

whats the specs on the locker with the s35 kit
Superior Super 35 Axle Kit
or does anyone know a better price?
I Know its a detroit,is that the auto locer or selectable.

I been planning an 8.8 swap but for what I do The super35 will do

also will the carrier hold 4:10 gears......but by the time I regear.....presto I can get an 8.8 built with a detroit auto locker from east coast.

so many options in life.
bottom line.
if a s35 kit and 4:11 cost close to a east coast 8.8 swap......I'd rather the 8.8
the 8.8 will cost me about $1500 with an autolocker,fully regeared 4:10
who has the best prices guys/girls

4Jeepn 10-06-2011 06:53 AM

Price is high you can get that all day long for just over $1000 at most vendors, check with the many we have listed on the site.

The detroit locker is an auto locker meaning its on all the time... It replaces the carrier so 4.10's or what ever gear will work, might want to confirm part numbers though just in case.

As for the build cost, if the total cost between the two was close, few hundred, then I would save up and go with the 8.8.

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