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mannyssj13 10-06-2011 07:12 PM

Thinking about buying a JK
Ok here is my problem/ store. About a year and a half ago I brought my first wrangler it's a 04 LJ had 88k on it brought it from a dealer for $13,333 after taxes and tags spent $15k. Reason for buying is I've always loved wranglers and wanted one so since I have money I got it. Second reason for buying I own a 1996 eclipse turbo not the must reliable car since it's old and I have work done to it so I wanted a daily drive weekend off roader. I know wranglers are very reliable and great. Pretty much reason for buying is so I can drive the wrangler and not have to worry about dropping money into it every now and then like I did my eclipse.

In the little time I've owned my wrangler I changed the water pump driver side front axle shafts passenger front u join one drive shaft u joint both front sway bar links both my rear axles shafts one was bad so I brought the alloy USA shaft kit since it would be cheaper to buy both axles then one. After Market axles I found were like 300 ish for one without bearings and the Alloy USA was 335 I think I paid maybe a little more for both shafts and everything I needed. Since the wranglers trans and trans case has never been touched I changed that as well and now my rear pinion seal went. It was 96k on it now. I hardly drive my since I've had it about a year and half and driven less then 10k.

Now again reason I brought my LJ is cause I just wanted to drive it and not spend money fixing it every now and then due to stuff braking and it seems that's all I'm doing everything I get a little extra money I gotta fix something. You guys think it would be a good idea to buy a new Jk to solved my problem? I still owe $12k on my LJ now and if I get a Jk would be other unlimited cause I love the space. If I do buy a Jk which would be a good model?

Rubicondon53 10-06-2011 07:52 PM

Hmmm,,, my axle u joints went out at 50,000, front driveshaft rebuilt at 65,000, ( all under warranty, but I balked at the $100 deductible and did the work myself with premium upgrade joints) new battery at 60,000. I'm looking forward to replacing the water pump soon, and rebuilding the rear drive shaft. new rotors are on the menu, and whatever else pops up, I usually do research, if say the waterpump has the reputation of blowing out at around 90,000 , then by golly, I'll tear it down and replace it myself at around that mileage before it goes bad ... Did that with serpentine belt, battery, and the driver side u joint. If the right one went out, be assured the left one will real soon.. None of my replacements took any longer than half a day in my barn, I can't think of anything, short of a "major"repair that takes any longer than 4 hours. Did both my front u joints in less than 3 hours... In short, your repairs seem pretty normal, except that rear axle stuff, and that tells me the previous owner was beating on it... If you don't do your own work, then you are up the proverbial creek, shops are in business to make money.. Either way, 38,000 + for a new JK, or learn to enjoy maintaining your TJ and understand that most of what you describe are common maintenance that eventually even that wonderful new JK will need.. Your choice, but I know which way I would go, as mine is built and modded just where I want it... Have fun!!

mannyssj13 10-06-2011 08:14 PM

Yea I know what you mean I can do some stuff myself. Water pump I did with no problem read a write up and I was good. Tried to do the front u joints myself couldn't get the u joints in had trouble took it to someone I know who owns his own shop them he found something was wrong with my drive side axle shaft side where the u. Joint hole goes in had to much play in it and wasn't safe so I got a whole new crown axle from quadratec rear axles I put in myself just had someone press in the bears. Trans flush I took it to my friends shop. I know how to do basic stuff just sometimes I'm scared to do other things scared I'll end up messing up things more then what they are. For my front u joints I messed them other up trying to put them in had to buy new ones since I messed up the end caps bears fell out or I bent the seals. I love my LJ without a doubt I really don't wanna get ride of it I just had putting out money I don't really have or could b using towards something else. One thing I do like to get things fixed cause then I know it will last me that much longer always has been my motto. Guess I'm a little dramatic at times! New wranglers are super expensive for me at least can't really afford it. Just wishful thinking. Have the worst luck in the world with cars I've owned.

Rubicondon53 10-06-2011 09:06 PM

Glad to hear your resourceful,, not much else can go wrong after what you have done to it... Unfortunately buying used jeeps is a crap shoot. Good luck..

jrussblues 10-07-2011 01:21 AM

A jk will only be as reliable as the previous owners care allows it to be.

H2_recoveryteam 10-07-2011 04:35 AM

Jeeps are money pits plain and simple. Either with mods or repairs you will be dumping cash in a jeep as long as you own it. A JK may slove your repair costs right now but it will cost you out right way more. This is why they call it an addiction. Lol oh and keep the LJ.

PaulRevere1991 10-07-2011 05:24 AM

it might solve some of your problems, but bring up others.
ever hear of "limp mode"?
jk's seem to have lots of electrical and software gremlins, even brand new ones*.
you have a choice? replace mechanical parts or find electrical problems?

*this statement does not apply to all jk's, nor am i bashing jk's, it just my opinion from observations i have made from reading the jk section.

mannyssj13 10-07-2011 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by PaulRevere1991
it might solve some of your problems, but bring up others.
ever hear of "limp mode"?
jk's seem to have lots of electrical and software gremlins, even brand new ones*.
you have a choice? replace mechanical parts or find electrical problems?

*this statement does not apply to all jk's, nor am i bashing jk's, it just my opinion from observations i have made from reading the jk section.

No I've never heard of the limp mode. Don't know much about JKs just that they are new. I really can't afford a new one so I'm sure I gotta stick with my LJ now. I hate the problems I have here and there but over all I love my LJ would be sad if I sold it. Oh well shit happens I gotta keep on trucking this is why I have a jeep and my eclipse so i one brakes I got other to drive.

PaulRevere1991 10-07-2011 11:21 AM

limp mode is when the jk tranny decides the tf fluid is too hot and restricts you to a 5mph crawl to get home, problem is this feature has been known to take effect at random and without reason on some jk's.

glad you decided to stick with the lj

arcountryboy 10-07-2011 11:34 AM

Parts wear out, it happens on anything. Keep a brand new one long enough and you'll be dumping money in it. From the things you changed though it sounds like your jeep was used and abused when you bought it. Mine is a 98 model with 145,000 miles and the water pump went out causing the previous owner to let it overheat and crack the head. No other problems with it at all but it was a highway ride before me, not abused. I cant think of any jeep I have owned or known of that had to have three axle shafts changed out unless it was a rock crawler or your run. Sounds like a lot of abuse.

Bobs Jeep 10-07-2011 12:17 PM

I had a 2001 TJ I bought brand new. Had it for about five years with no issues. I just bought a 2004 TJ with 80K miles. It's a gamble that it will last but I like that model so much I bought another after owning my JK four years. So far on the JK I fixed a grounding problem which cause it to intermittently start and also replaced the water pump, the gasket was leaking. Oh yea, got the gas tank replaced free from the dealer. 2007's and some 08s/09s JK have a problem with the gas tank overflowing during fillups. Something new could go wrong with either one of them at anytime or they could just keep on going and going.

JIMBOX 10-07-2011 12:29 PM

:whistling: I have a 2008 JKU Rubi-Highly modified and pure enjoyable pleasure for whatever the Sierras can throw atit, but

If I had to buy another jeep (before 2016) it'd be a 2006 TJ "unlimited" LJ-

Don't getta real used 07, JK/JKU--getting close to 5 years old and being a first year model--problems and age of elex control-

08/09/10--notta bad idea-

If your comfy with the "room" in your LJ--keepit !

:dance::rofl: JIMBO

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