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EmJeep 10-10-2011 09:05 PM

opinions and guidance needed!!!!!
Hey Everyone! Last November, I used all of the money I had been saving since I was little to buy my beautiful 2010 2-door wrangler sport! After recovering from that purchase I am now ready to start building it! I have done tons of research, now im just looking for tons of opinions!

Firstly, I was considering getting 33" duratracs but after reading some posts from memebers, most have said that they have loved them and then gone ahead and purchased 35s a few weeks later. Being 18 and not about to come back like that I was wondering if I should just go for the 35s and if Duratracs are the ones I should get.

Also if I do end up with the 35s, would I have to get a lift kit first? I have heard that JKs need to be lifted 4" to prevent rubbing. If i do need to lift it, what lift kits/brands do you recommend? (links to pages would be awesome!)

Then, I was thinking about these wheels, Black Rock Wheels 997581240 - Black Rock Series 997 Type 8 Steel Wheel in Matte Black for Jeep® Vehicles with 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern - Quadratec
what do y'all think? :rolleyes:

MTH 10-10-2011 09:29 PM

Whoa whoa whoa . . . .

Head over to and order a free catalog. Lots of stuff to look at and get you thinking.

You'll need new wheels (or wheel spacers) to fit 33s without rubbing on turns. You'll probably want a little lift too. You'll definitely need a lift for 35s unless you get flat flares. 4" is WAAAAAY too much. 2.5" would do it.

There's too many choices--and they're too specific to the individual's tastes, need, budget, etc.--for us to just pull stuff out of the air for you to do. You've got to educate yourself first.

So, check out the "JK Lift Reviews" thread at the top of the JK Section. Then get a hold of the Quadratec catalog and go from there.

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