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Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 05:57 PM

New from Dover Delaware
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Hi I'm Dawn,
Just got a 07 unlimited n really loving it! I had a 94 wrangler a few yrs ago n have really missed having a jeep. So glad to finally have one again!

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RatherBNarizona 10-11-2011 06:17 PM

Welcome aboard!

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 06:30 PM

Thanks! :)

Barrie 10-11-2011 06:31 PM


Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 07:26 PM


shell 10-11-2011 07:39 PM


JDsDream 10-11-2011 07:53 PM

Welcome to the Forum Dawn

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 07:56 PM

Thanks been enjoying the forums n threads so far!

Kirkrv8 10-11-2011 08:26 PM

Welcome! Great pic:dance:

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 08:34 PM

Thanks lol my facebook friends are sick of all my jeep pics! Meaners!

blkrubi88 10-11-2011 08:40 PM


Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 08:42 PM


DarthJeep 10-11-2011 08:50 PM

Welcome to WF. Don't forget to wave.

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-11-2011 09:08 PM

Thanks.... I always wave though, force of habit cause I ride a fzr600 n I wave to jeeps on the bike and bikes in the jeep! I guess everyone thinks I'm really friendly or just crazy lol.

MrSig 10-12-2011 04:30 AM

Welcome and enjoy the forum! I see you know how to have fun with it:thumb:

Ageless Stranger 10-12-2011 05:06 AM

Welcome to the forum. :wavey:

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-12-2011 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by MrSig
Welcome and enjoy the forum! I see you know how to have fun with it:thumb:

Yep sure do! My kids friends are so jealous! I hope I can go out playing again this weekend!

wwch99tj 10-12-2011 01:22 PM

Welcome its nice to see someone else from Dover De

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-12-2011 01:32 PM

Yea, I wish there were more places to play around n get muddy lol

wwch99tj 10-12-2011 01:45 PM

Yea I grew up in Maryland (caroline county) not too far from here and I had a heck of alot of fun in my old 4 wheel drive chevy, had a few friends who had farms and we could play in the fields when nothing was planted. Oh how I miss those days. Happy Jeepin

berniefpfc17 10-12-2011 01:57 PM

Welcome Dawn, Bernie from Wilm,DE.

Jeepjeepdawn94 10-12-2011 02:06 PM

Hi Bernie, thank you.

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