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ssach 10-13-2011 08:08 PM

Mods/upgrades on New 2012 JKU Rubi
We'll the JKU Rubicon is on order and here I am already thinking of what modifications and upgrades I should be doing. I figured some here might be thinking the same thoughts.

I was looking online at a AEV package deal that was @ 8K (not installed) that would have the new ride sitting pretty as a daily driver and fun for the wknds. My only dilemma is I am left with brand new OEM parts that I will be trying to sell and not sure what I will even get for them or how long it will take to unload.

What would one expect to get for OEM bumpers, Rims/tires and stock suspension and hood? Would a discount on the package and labor be appropriate?

Damn this Jeep thing is going to be expensive. PM me if you feel it is more appropriate than responding dollar amounts.



kjeeper10 10-13-2011 08:57 PM

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OEM parts are a dime a dozen. Stock rubi
Wheels/tires $750 tops new and that's about it. Lucky enough to get factory 19/60 HD springs might be able to sell to someone who needs them. I have been considering a factory front bumper w/ fogs to replace my damaged one--see them for around $100.
Hoods $300-$400.

It will help. Best advice is to mod yourself.
I'm curious to know what a AEV jeep resales for ??

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