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AOR 10-14-2011 09:31 AM

ProComp Tires Buy 3 get 1 Free through Oct 30th
Buy 3 get 1 Free on ProComp Tires after mail-in rebate!

Rebate form here! In order to qualify for this promotion you must buy them at the price listed below (not my choice). Shipping is $85 flat pallet freight (up to 35" tires, larger are $115) in the lower 48 US. Subject to stock on hand. No rain checks or back orders are accepted.

Part Number Part Description MSRP

PCT1027560 275/60R20 ALL TERRAIN LRC $297.99
PCT670265 265/70R17 XTREME MT $298.99
PCT15030 30/9.50R15 ALL TERRAIN $169.99
PCT67285 285/70R17 XTREME MT $360.99
PCT15031 31/10.50R15 ALL TERRAIN $189.99
PCT67305 305/65R17 XTREME MT $356.99
PCT15032 32/11.50R15 ALL TERRAIN $201.99
PCT67315 315/70R17 XTREME MT $344.99
PCT15033 33/12.50R15 ALL TERRAIN $215.99
PCT680305 305/70R18 XTREME MT LRE $487.99
PCT160235 235/85R16 ALL TERRAIN $202.99
PCT601235 35/12.50R20 XTREME MT $503.99
PCT160245 245/75R16 ALL TERRAIN $217.99
PCT160265 265/75R16 ALL TERRAIN $217.99
PCT16285 285/75R16 ALL TERRAIN $249.99
PCT16305 305/70R16 ALL TERRAIN $284.99
PCT16315 315/75R16 ALL TERRAIN $283.99
PCT170265 265/70R17 ALL TERRAIN $254.99
PCT17033 33/12.50R17 ALL TERRAIN $309.99
PCT17035 35/12.50R17 ALL TERRAIN $314.99
PCT17285 285/70R17 A/TERRAIN $281.99
PCT1865275 275/65R18 ALL TERRAIN $374.99
PCT25031 31/10.50R15 MUD TERRAIN $213.99
PCT25032 32/11.50R15 MUD TERRAIN $219.99
PCT25033 33/12.50R15 MUD TERRAIN $234.99
PCT25035 35/12.50R15 MUD TERRAIN $255.99
PCT260265 265/75R16 MUD TERRAIN $246.99
PCT26285 285/75R16 MUD TERRAIN $275.99
PCT26315 315/75R16 MUD TERRAIN $319.99
PCT27033 33/12.50R17 MUD TERRAIN $360.99
PCT27035 35/12.50R17 MUD TERRAIN $333.99
PCT35033 33/12.50R15 XTERRAIN $271.99
PCT35035 35/12.50R15 XTERRAIN $319.99
PCT36285 285/75R16 XTERRAIN $283.99
PCT36305 305/70R16 XTERRAIN $335.99
PCT36315 315/75R16 XTERRAIN $333.99
PCT37035 35/12.50R17 XTERRAIN $381.99
PCT500305 305/55R20 XTREME ALL TERR $445.99
PCT50035 35/13.50R20 XTREME A/T $506.99
PCT50037 37/13.50R20 XTREME A/T $654.99
PCT501235 35/12.50R20 XTREME AT $487.99
PCT55031 31/10.50R15 XTREME AT $209.99
PCT560265 265/75R16 XTREME AT LR E $249.99
PCT561285 285/75R16 XTREME AT LR D $262.99
PCT56315 315/75R16 XTREME A/T LRD $344.99
PCT57035 35/12.50R17 XTREME A/T $354.99
PCT571237 37/12.50R17 XTREME A/T $466.99
PCT57285 285/70R17 XTREME A/T $319.99
PCT57305 305/65R17 XTREME A/T $322.99
PCT58033 325/60R18 XTREME A/T $398.99
PCT58035 325/65R18 XTREME A/T $442.99
PCT581235 35X12.50R18 XTREME A/T $438.99
PCT5860305 305/60R18 XTREME AT LRE $389.99
PCT600305 305/55R20 XTREME MT $470.99
PCT65031 31/10.50R15 XTREME MT $223.99
PCT65033 33/12.50R15 XTREME MT $266.99
PCT65035 35/12.50R15 XTREME MT $305.99
PCT660265 265/75R16 XTREME MT $280.99
PCT66285 285/75R16 XTREME MT $307.99
PCT66315 315/75R16 XTREME MT $353.99

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