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EchoThruMe 10-15-2011 04:45 PM

daily commuting on mud terrain tires
I commute 100 miles per day to work. I'm looking to get new wheels and tires on my rig. I like to look and performance of the mud terrain tires. How long will they last being on pavement every day? Also how old a handle on the pavement in the rain snow etc?

XJ Knight 10-15-2011 04:51 PM

Some MT's last longer then others. MT's have less rubber contact to a surface so they don't do as well as a AT on wet/snowy/icy surfaces. However a sipped MT like the cooper stt, mt mtz, or nokian vativia mt will still do fine on those surfaces. you can get 40K out of most MT's which isn't bad if your 4x4 is a DD/WW

Irongrave 10-15-2011 04:54 PM

I have KM2s on my DD Ram. so far they have just about 60k on them with at least another 20 before they hit the wear bars. they have been great in the rain and snow we had last year. I drive about 20-25K a year with my truck and I wont run anything but an MT on it now. That's also for getting into places with the truck and trailer most people wont drive their stock jeep down. but for me the trade offs are minimal vs an AT type tire. The KM2s handle wet and snow covered roads infinitely better then my old Nitto Terra Grapplers.

XJ Knight 10-15-2011 05:03 PM

Seeing as snowy icy road surfaces are considered one of the km2's weaknesses it is awesome to hear how much you like them in those conditions..

EchoThruMe 10-15-2011 05:12 PM

Thanks both of you. Appreciate the help even though you dont seem to agree. :)

XJ Knight 10-15-2011 05:20 PM

Na.. Just on the KM2's but he has first hand experience and I only have second hand experience with them.. Driven on them a few times but never on snowy roads.. and of course i've read hundred's of reviews on them..
Genneral rule the better siped the tire the more likely it is to do better in snow/ice.. The KM2 doesn't have that, but Iorngrave's word is a good enough for me to take that into consideration when it comes to there on road performance.

TheLegend 10-15-2011 05:26 PM

60K on KM2s? Amazing to hear of a decent tire that last for more than 40K. KM2s are not known for performing well in snow and ice conditions so congrats on beating the odds.

If driving 100+ miles on pavement per day, I'd suggest a tire rated very good on the road such as the BFGY KOs. They are great in any road condition, square tread profile so look nice and provide ample traction for the weekend get a way.......which must be all the time you have after driving 100 miles a day.

If you are after looks......get what looks good to you. If you want performance, determine what conditions you will be driving in the majority of the time and get the tires best for those conditions.

Keep the rubber side down! :thumb:

Irongrave 10-15-2011 06:45 PM

Thanks guys. I've found the KM2 to work all right on icy roads on the dodge and my old XJ. But I tend to run a few PSI lower when the snow is flying. my old Nittos would pack very quickly with slush making the sipes ineffective and turn the tire into a slick. the KM2s cleaned out very well and quickly not getting slush built up on the tire. I rotate my tires ever 3k and keep a very good eye on my pressures and alignment so that helps. This year I do plan on taking a tire knife to the tires and cutting them up a little to get one more winter out of them.

Your mileage may vary but I prefer an MT over an AT 99% of the time

minisaba 10-17-2011 12:54 AM

Last year, I was driving my yj down a snow storm following my dad's F-350.My M/T had no traction with at full PSI. I stopped and lowered the PSI to 15 and traction was a lot better, but at times I was still fighting for traction. In my opinion comparing a full size truck to a jeep is like comparing apples and oranges. I am not trying to start anything here, I just want to let you know my experience. :)

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