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Briangr 10-15-2011 11:05 PM

2 lift questions
Sorry for asking questions about a lift. I know these questions get asked over and over.

Ive had a thread or two on here in the last month with questions about getting rid of my body lift, and puttin on a suspension lift. Im still tryin to figure out what i wanna do exactly.
I currently do have some suspension lift (2"-2.5"). I also have a 3" body lift on top of that. I wanna ditch the BL and go with all suspension lift.

My first question is about a particular kit. The 6inch RC kit
Jeep TJ Wrangler Suspension Lift
Is this is a complete kit? will i need anything in addition to this kit, and a sye and driveshaft with cv joint?
Im also wondering if RC uses the JJ joints on their control arms that everyone is so sold on? What would be the disadvantages to not having them?

My second question is about a custom driveshaft. If i get it set up on my d35...and in the future decide to swap to an 8.8 rear, will that driveshaft go on that axle?

I read on here alot, and am WELL AWARE of the reputation of RC. While its not the best out there, people on here do run it and say they have no problems.

Thanks for reading through this.
Interested to hear what you guys say, cause i figure if i have to get a sye and cv driveshaft, i may as well put it on a 6inch lift. How many people run a 4in lift with just tcase drop and dont get driveline vibes?

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