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sgnellett 09-26-2007 09:37 PM

Thanks for getting the local forums back up and running, and to all the Buckeye state wheelers out there, glad to see we have a way to chat again! So, since it's been awhile, I figured maybe I'd take some initiative and start a new thread. How about everybody posting a picture of your rig, maybe mention where in the State you are, and maybe any good wheeling spots in your area?

I'll start, I'm Steve, and here is a look at "LUCY", my 02 TJ Sport when she first came home with me from the dealership this past spring;
Here's how she spent most of the summer;
and a look at our vacation at Silver Lake sand dunes in Michigan last month;

We are in Port Clinton, which is near Sandusky (Cedar Point?), or for those still in the dark, I'm nearly halfway between Toledo and Cleveland. As for wheeling, yeah, not so much, but I'm still looking!

Scout 09-26-2007 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by sgnellett (Post 141893)

You need a foglight.

sgnellett 09-26-2007 10:48 PM

It's in the toolbox, had to pull it to mount the flag!

And try not to be hatin on my stylish chapeau! Had to keep some of the rays off the expansive dome!

Scout 09-26-2007 10:51 PM

The more of you that's covered up the better. :flipoff:

sgnellett 09-27-2007 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by Simple Scout (Post 141975)
The more of you that's covered up the better. :flipoff:

Wow, harsh! Not entirely untrue, but harsh nonetheless! Why do you think I have the wife in the picture, to provide some balance, you know beauty & the beast kinda thing..

sgnellett 10-29-2007 10:09 AM

Just thought I'd post here again so any Buckeyes can find the thread again, since we can't seem to access it from the main page.

How 'bout them Buckeyes!?

sgnellett 12-16-2007 08:28 PM

Let's try this again! Seems to be they got the bugs out, let's hope it stays up this time! Let's see those Buckeye rigs, covered in snow or not! :punk:

AzTJ 12-16-2007 08:30 PM

Is your axle not centered?

ruffnrdy 12-17-2007 12:56 AM

Hey guys,Larry Walker from Huber Heights.Just recently got my cj5.Trying find an indoor place to work on it.trying to sort out what lift i'm gonnna use.Plus body work and all the other stuff.Still cant figure out the picture thing,just glad there is some Buckeyes on here,LOVE this site!!

activelydying 12-17-2007 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by sgnellett (Post 153227)
How 'bout them Buckeyes!?


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