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angelhitman 10-20-2011 10:59 PM

Need pics for website.
Hi, i am developing a website for a new 4x4 club. ON the site there are different pics of Jeeps. Or there will be. What i need are pics or Jeeps or other 4x4 vehicles in action, with families, you know the stuff that you are always in the cab when you want someone else snapping a picture. I am asking as i want to not pirate pics off the web. As the club develops we will start using members but for know i wanted to ask fellow jeepers for permission to use your pics. So if you want your rig, family or jeepin related shots on this page. Or you would let me use your pics please submit them to this post. The site is under development but here is the address.

TBrownSTL 10-20-2011 11:09 PM

I'm from STL

Wrangler06 10-20-2011 11:14 PM

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my jeep is no rock crawler but ive always loved this pic lol

angelhitman 10-22-2011 12:20 AM

Thanks wrangler 06 and hello tbrown. Your welcome to come to our club meeting or check out our website. we are still coming up with a name. if you message me i can send more information.

angelhitman 10-23-2011 01:07 AM

you can contact me privately for the address of the site.

jkaufman_95 10-23-2011 03:31 AM

Depending on where at in mo, I might be interested and here's a few pics you can use

MrSig 10-23-2011 04:03 AM

PM sent

Nottusyeroc 11-13-2011 12:42 PM

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TBrownSTL 11-13-2011 02:58 PM

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Hey angel. Just joined your club. Here are a few pics of my new LIGHTBAR on my jeep!!!

angelhitman 11-14-2011 11:00 PM

Rock Rash Off Road.
HI again everyone. Thanks so far for the great pics, and welcome to the new members. For those that are inquiring we are a club located in the central to southwest central part of the state. I and many of the members are based in Waynesville, Rolla, Lebanon area however we have members in Jefferson City, Edgar Springs, Liking and now even St. Louis. We have a web site that i can forward the link to you by PMing me or my email contact which is as well as a club forum. We are family based and have set the goal of one meeting a month with at least one trip a month. This month we have two. WE are within a reasonable driving distance to Flat Nasty as well as SMORR and will be holding an official meet and Roll at SMORR on the 26th of this month. Sorry i had not responded earlier, to some of the above posts, but i have been focused on building the club and site and wheeling:thumb: Jeff (hitman) Derry.

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