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GoldenSahara00 10-21-2011 06:01 PM

A few random Questions
Okay, so my trans is noisy, aka when I shift into P,R,N,D, sometimes it likes to move around. possibly a worn or warped engine or trans mount. I have a MML so that could be part of it, but they bolts are all tight on that and no bad bad damage to the mounts. Brown dog are in the works in a few years. but for now I am good there. Not sure how to check the trans mounts or what to really look for?

anyways adding some ATF helped out with the jerkyness but It stayed, and its somewhat bothersome still. I have minor minor drip from the bellhousing so I believe I actually slightly overfilled when I topped it off, just enough that it drips when hot and running it on uneventerrain (I filled it to the top of "safe"). So just wondering whats up there. checked alot of different things out including some throttle wire that jerry turned me on to bud didnt find anything. Okay. So was wondering, maybe my DS is too short and is getting close to coming out of the yoke, or maybe my Ujoints are shot. So I have like, minor minor play in all of them. Not sure if this is due to bad ujoints or the drive shaft being short. Obviously a cv,sye, and CAs would be the best way to handle it, but the money isnt there at the exact moment. This is kinda my plan. get that stuff with my christmas money and what I have saved up plus what I make at work part time until then. I just don't think it will be fun to install that all in the winter, esp since I have never done any of it before.

second question is easier. I am looking into getting a full snatch block setup to take it easier on my new winch, and I am trying to figure out what the difference between a tow strap and tree saver is. Is it the load, the materiel, the length, the way the ends are mad, or what? most of them just look like short tow ropes to me. and overpriced at that. But I want to be safe with this stuff considering there are thousands of pounds of force at work.

Thanks for reading my novel and for any replies. heck I might even think of some more questions for yall later.


IndyJeepMan 10-21-2011 06:22 PM

The one thing I can say is the major difference in a tree saver is the thickness or height of the material. Usually 3" of bigger so the load of the winch is evenly dispersed onto the trunk of the tree.

GoldenSahara00 10-21-2011 06:24 PM

Thanks for the reply man. The strap I currently use is probably 2.5-3 inches anyways, so its close. I don't even know if I should blow the money on the snatch and stuff because I should be saving for other stuff... lol.

GoldenSahara00 10-21-2011 06:39 PM

Some more info on my driveline. When I go into R and give it gas, it moves, but if I give it a good step it "clunks" like the DS is popping into place and then drives fine. Same with going from R to D, when I go to pull forward it will "clunk" into place, and if I keep gas up like, driving down the road, then it will be fine. But if I get off it, or even onto the brakes it will sometimes clunk again if I give it gas. Usually not though. This is why I think maybe the DS is just a bit short, and it may not be the Ujoints?

any thoughts?

GoldenSahara00 02-23-2012 05:39 PM

Got to replace Ujoints today and all issues are fixed :thumb: sye and cv coming soon (I hope)

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