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Grizz33 10-23-2011 11:51 AM

HELP! Still have vibration after TC drop.
Hi guys. just picked up a 92 yj 3 weeks ago. Trying to get it geared up for hunting season but having issues with a RC 2-1/2" lift and small shackle lift (about 3/8" as shackles are only 3/4" longer than stock ) Gemini sales calls it a 3/4" lift. I went with the RC 2.5 after reading forums, and finding that drop kits, pittman arms etc, arn't required with the 2.5. Welll,it seems that not only was the steering dangerous without the drop pittman arm, the track bars are too short and after forcing connection with a 6' pry bar, actually held my rear diff 1" out of line, and the vibration is crazy. I have since put in a drop pittman arm, re-location brackets for track bars, 1" TC drop kit, and longer sway bar links (quick dissconnect). It has just had a 4 wheel alignment and it has brought the vibration down quite a bit, but its still there. Im wondering about bigger shims under axles? Also contacted Rough country and found the person I was speaking to was of no help what so ever, he actualy sounded like he was bothered by my call. I also e mailed RC 3 days ago, and hav,nt heard a word. The ride is stiff and I wouldnt waste my money on an RC kit. any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:dance:

95YamJam 10-23-2011 01:05 PM

LOL! I love my rc kit and the guys at rc were super helpfull. I guess it's just luck no matter what.

Take the trac bars off and see what it does. No need for them anyway. Maybe the rear track bar is keeping the axel from rotating up under torque? The sawybar is optional too really.

I had to use a sye and cv style ds with mine. I probably could have done a tc drop kit but want to go flat belly someday so i am ahead of the game. Also my ds was long enough but the yoke trunions were hitting eachother on the tc side.

I gained about 4" of lift. Plus my 1" shackle lift. As for the rough ride did you wait til it was setting on it's own weight to fully torque everything?

Where is the vibration? Taking off, decelerating, both?

jonzjeepyj 10-23-2011 04:35 PM

First, is it in the front or rear? Two different
directions to go when troubleshooting?

wrangler23 10-23-2011 05:48 PM

I actually just fixed mine after a year of trying stuff I dropped my tranny 1 inch and made smaller shims for rear end mine was pitched up too far with shackle lift I had an 8 degree shim and now I am running 4 degrees I dont have track bars or sway bar links and I got the 2.5 in rough country I ran it without shims and was good but when axle dropped out the shaft hit yoke so just made my own shims hope this helps and rough ride can be from torqueing without the weight on it

Stephen102938 10-23-2011 10:06 PM

Sorry to thread jack, but how long are stock shackles?

yoopone 10-24-2011 06:41 AM

I went with a 2.5" lift from Rubicon Express on my 89. After a summer of vibration I installed a SYE kit, a new rear driveshaft to match the new SYE, and new shims for the rear axle. Driveline is vibration free now. Wasn't that hard to do, lots of sources for the shims. Some very good articles available on the net to advise on pinion angle.

Grizz33 10-25-2011 10:51 PM

Thanks for the info guys. Too answer a couple of questions, its in the rear driveline only, and its only noticable on acceleration. The harder you accelerate, the worse it is. The jepp was set down prior to tightening anything. I took it for its first real drive on some rough stuff hoping to wear in the springs a little, its definatly driveable if your easy on the gas, and after hitting a good little hole, the steering ended up with stiff spots just like prior to installing drop pittman arm. Go figure?? Ill climb back under tommorow and see whats up. I havnt measured the degree of angle on DS but Im thinking with small shackle lift and wedges and 1" TC drop, maybe too much now? maybe play around with the shims? Should driveshaft yokes be in phase or 180 out? Thanks.

225grasshopper 10-26-2011 07:14 AM

It can be 180 out and to save ya some time find the angle of degrees to get the right wedge if you need one.. i had the same problem and doing some( well a lot.) Of research after lifting mine 4" with reverse shake leaf springs. And did away with coil.. plus a 10" stretch for longer wheel base .

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